‘Manavikata’ is an abode of kindness, honesty, trust. Unlike others, Our NGO is a not for profit organization that is independent of state and other governmental organizations. We are primarily funded by donations by the members, volunteers associated with this organization and other good wishers of the society. Our activities includes: helping students of different orphan houses and poor students across our Society by providing them free of cost tuition, essential educational equipment, assist to orphan and old age homes, providing clothes and other basic amenities in the far flung rural villages & road beggars, to cure mentally disable road people through proper medical treatment, human rights, financial help to needy student and poor patient, medical service, improving health & environment, women empowerment and other development work. Our level of operation varies depending on the situation i.e, our organization works in local, regional & most backward Inaccessible parts of areas of our state. We believe in a high degree of public trust. Wherever there is a need, we assure to be on the side of the needy as soon as possible & also with an utmost provision of requirements.


We should understand our social responsibilities so that we may help others to empower themselves. Manavikata has been doing a great work for building the nation by helping the poor section of our society. I feel very proud to be a part of “Manavikata”- A temple of unity.

  • Sudip Sarkar (8794757686)


Kindness is next to godliness. ‘Manavikata’ is not only an organization for me, rather a family. Members of this society are my backbone. It’s one of my dreams to serve helpless people. I believe in spirituality, that inspires me to do so.I find Bhagavat Gita Teachings is most helpful to overcome any situation in life and after deciding that I will dedicate my life to the service of poor and beggars, I have taken initiative in 2016 to found a society which will serve people to root level that comes into existence in 2017. Now I can say proudly our Manavikata family members really doing great for real needy people. From my perception, The person who only lives for himself, think about himself, work for own pleasure & interest have no difference with an animal. I measure people by their heart not by their wealth, designation, ignorance or intelligence and I also love & respect people’s on the same logic.Help others God will Definitely Help you.
Thank you.

  • Sandip Roy (7085050209)



A.D Nagar Road, Beltali,
Opposite Of Ration Shop,
Agartala Tripura West Pin-799003


Sudip Sarkar 8794757686
Sandip Roy 7085050209
Dr. Papiya Sarma 9402153252
Email:  manavikata.ngo@gmail.com