Manavikata has organized a “Health and Social Awareness Camp” in Fotamati panchayat, Udaipur. Manavikata is striving hard continuously to make the deprived people of different districts, interior areas, aware about their legal rights, health awareness, and other essential rights, so that they can live a carefree independent healthy life. We also trying to enhance the feeling of humanity in people, to raise the feeling of unity, brotherhood among all because humanity is above all Religion. read more

Its our privilege that our Team is fastest in helping Halima Aktar, Sonamura. We donated her Rs 5000/- , few study materials and essential items.
আমাদের পোস্ট টি ভালো লাগলে শেয়ার করবেন￰:
আগরতলা ,২৩ আগষ্ট : আগরতলা এডি. নগরস্থিত মানবিকতা সংস্থা সাহায্যের হাত বাড়িয়ে দেয় গরিব ছাত্রী হালিমা আক্তার -এর পাশে । হালিমা আক্তার সোনামুড়া আড়ালিয়া গ্রামের বাসিন্দা । read more

With Reference to the Article Published on Today Dainik Sambad MANAVIKATA going to help this family Tomorrow. Miss Halima Akhtar, residing at Sonamura aged about 13 years studying in ”Sonamura Araliya S.B School” in class vii. They have 4 family members. Her father, Mr. Khorshed Miha was passed away 5 years before. read more

Miss Rinku Neogi from Khilpara, Udaipur donated a lot of clothes to Manavikata and also made a valuable contribution. Manavikata wishes her & her family to be happy and for a peaceful life. Many many thanx to them for such generous work. If any one wishes to donate old clothes or donate any amount then plz contact. Ph-7085050209/whatsapp-8794876987

RAJLAXMI BIYE BARI, Haradha Sangha showed their humanity, with their generous contribution. They have donated their extra 40 packets of Chicken Biriyani to MANAVIKATA, that was left after a seminar program in the banquet. MANAVIKATA Team distributed these foods among all Agartala road beggars and homeless people by making two round of Agartala city from 6 Pm to 10 pm. If anyone is willing to feed any orphan child or want to distribute foods in the orphanage or old age home in any special day please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will assist you in every way possible. A child dies every 5sec as a result of hunger. Utmost request one and all, please don’t waste your foods. kindly give us a call and we will reach one’s convenience.
Contact: 7085050209/ whatsapp: 8794876987

Mr. Adarsh Pal (A+) residing at Dhaleswar 16, Agartala Showed his immense kindness and humanity. He donated blood in an emergency situation when Blood Bank is running out of stock. It’s really appreciable. Let us come forward and committed to Save someone life. Call us in an emergency situation we will try to arrange. Please Register your Name here by sending your Blood group, DOB, Address & contact no to our Whatsapp any 8794876987 or comment below we will contact you.

Thank you.

We are celebrating 71st years of Independence, but Are we really secure in today’s Independent India?? Still, a woman is being treated as an object, we are unable to make them feel secure in their own country.
Can you imagine that She is being harassed for being born as a girl?Later on again she has to go through domestic violence, dowry Issue and so on. Almost in many cases, a women cannot stand for another woman, rather acts as a rival or enemy of the other woman. This is because of the lack of proper education.
Education is the one & only manifestation that can throw lights in that darkness of our society. Proper knowledge Can change our thoughts which in return will bring changes in the society.
That’s why we give emphasis on educating girls. We provide free tuition through our specialized teachers to the needy student across our Society in our Free coaching center. Please help us by your little donation in educating them which in turn will enlighten our society.

Miss Arpita Das residing at Sekerkote, Agartala studies in ‘Sekerkote HS School’ class xi. In matriculation exam, she made a good result and we came to know that she has a strong willingness to take science but she never dared to take science also her parents not supported as their financial condition is extremely poor. read more


আরেকটি মানবিক আবেদন।
Please read it carefully, try to help and share as much as possible.

ইনি প্রীয়বালা সরকার, অরুন্ধতিনগরস্থিত ক্যাম্পেরবাজার এর বাসিন্দা, ৮২ বছরের বৃদ্ধা । উনার স্বামী দেহান্ত হয়েছে প্রায় ১৫বছর হবে । তখন থেকে তিনি একাই এই জরাজীর্ণ ঘরটিতে বাস করছেন । ঘরে বিদ্যুৎ সংযোগও নেই । একার সংসারে উনার আয়ের একমাত্র উৎস সামান্য বৃদ্ধভাতা । এই অবস্থায় উনি বেঁচে আছেন কেবলমাত্র বাঁচার তাগিদে । এই দুরাবস্থার দিনে গত ১১/০৮/২০১৭ তারিখে বন্যার কারণে উনার আশ্রয়ের শেষ সম্বলটিও ভেঙে পড়ে । উনার কাছে এখন ছাদ বলতে খোলা আকাশ আর বিছানা বলতে কর্দমাক্ত মাটি।

read more



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